Sofiia Marmuta

My name is Sofiia Marmuta. I am New York based artist, working with variety of mediums including acrylics, charcoal, gold leaf. Majority of my art work are done in abstract expressionism. I have started painting professionally in 2017. My art is intuitive and it’s main purpose is self expression. I get inspired by architecture, nature, feelings and emotions. I want my viewer to feel and connect to my paintings on the subconscious level and find personal and intimate affinity that could be sole interpret.
I am participating in the Gallery exhibitions in New York and internationally. At the moment I take classes in Student Art League of New York, that gives me a great opportunity to work with different talented art professors that can share their knowledge and inspire me to look for new solutions and practice different techniques to express my thoughts trough art.

Instagram Username:: @Sofiiamarmuta_art

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