I am an Abstract Expressionist painter from the diverse land of Guyana, located in South America, where flora and fauna abound and the land merits the name, "A Naturist Paradise."

I was influenced by Artists such as Paul Cezanne, the French Impressionists namely Claude Monet, and Expressionist painters Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

My paintings reflect my interests in the Graphic arts, and Design. My inspiration comes from my life experiences, inner feelings and impressions, music, Religion and my Spiritual connections to things sacred.

I love being creative and artistically expressive using simplified forms, a limited palette and lines. My desire is to express through my paintings our innate spiritual connections that unites us all as benevolent and compassionate beings.

My hope is to bring to light the endless possibilities of how works of art can help us see new perspectives about life and the value of creative expression.

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