The Search - Accepting Self!

This series of paintings came about because of my inner journey, as I search within myself for a deeper connection to who AM I as PURE SPIRIT!
My search continues as I crawl, walk and sometimes run towards what moves me at my core, allowing me to see life and those I encounter through spiritual eyes.
I find stripping away the layers of learned feeling, thinking and behaviour that I have acquired from an infant, a long, laboured and sometimes a harrowing experience.
Nevertheless, this journey has allowed me to see love and beauty from a spiritual vantage point. Seeing every situation and circumstance as a stepping stone to reaching newer levels of consciousness by accepting things as they are is a daily challenge. Especially more so when dealing with love ones within my innermost circle, since they are the ones that have the capability of inflicting the most pain on me.
For this reason, I feel that the more layers I peel away, the less pain I experience. It is difficult to put into exact words but as I LET GO AND LET BE - CONNECTING to the I AM within me, my love for life EXPANDS allowing me to SEE true BEAUTY and EXPERIENCE deeper PEACE and greater LOVE and RESPECT for people around me, especially my family.
As my Soul evolves, I record the knowledge gained, through messages written via colors, shapes, forms, lines and composition on my canvases. Thank you all for accompanying me on this SPIRITUAL PATH TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT.

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