Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy - The Masterpiece. This painting is about the eventuality of peace and freedom; from desperation, inequality, war, poverty and hate.

The painting aligns with Beethoven's 9th symphony, 4th and final movement - final chorus. The orchestral work made the uplifting lyrics and melody of Ode to Joy famous across many countries over several centuries. The explosive choral climax creates a feeling of elation, like an explosion of joy and light in every person who hears it.

The correlation between the song and the painting: In the end, we are all going to the same place. Until then, we experience a small reality. As individuals, we are like a single stroke of paint on a gigantic canvas that is way too large for one pair of eyes to see. Although as responsible individuals we must strive to understand and be kind to others, we can not possibly understand what it's like to be rich and also poor, black and also white, good and also evil, vaccinated and also unvaccinated and so on. Although we diligently move forward in space and time, it's not until we are together as one that we get to see the entire canvas masterpiece that has been created. At that time, we will know what it's like to be everyone. In this place of final unity, no single person, no solitary stroke of paint is more important than the other as it plays in the creation of the whole. We are one and we will understand all others from a primary perspective. The possibility of judgement no longer can exist. I've found that this concept seems to cross many faiths.

In short, the painting depicts the place we are all going as we move through daily life, and then the moment where we are all aware of one another, wholly understanding each other's experience. This point of cataclysmic understanding is expressed as a burst of light and stars coming forth from the place where we unite. This is the point where each single stroke of paint unites into awareness with all other strokes of paint and becomes "The Masterpiece. It's a joyous occasion - Ode to Joy - I AM All.

Says Claffy, " I found a youtube video of a flash mob performance of Beethoveen's 9th, final movement. When it starts, all the people were just going along doing their own things. But about 5 minutes into the video, people were singing together, smiling and holding hands. It was suddenly all about joy and unity. It was nice to see."

Flashmob Nürnberg 2014 - Ode an die Freude

Artwork Size & Ink Base: 48 x 35 oil of acrylic on 1.75 inch gallery canvas.
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