This work should show in detail the creeping process of an addiction as well as dependency and reflect all things that have to do with it.

The personal impetus to illustrate this picture lies in my own family. I wanted to depict the development of my brother, who fell into drug addiction at the age of just 16 years.
In relation to himself, it seems that he is now too stuck in this undergrowth, which consistently prevents him from seeing, thinking and acting clearly.

It shows how quickly and, above all, how insidiously the process of addiction or addiction can progress.
This odyssey for some protection or joy is initially something very good for most people.

The extent to which the psychological or physical dependency has progressed is mostly only apparent to many affected by outside influence.
At the beginning, possibly a well-prepared dream, with a quick blink of an eye it radicalizes into a nightmare, from which one can usually no longer wake up.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is mostly very troubled and has many defects. Most of them are ignored.
Judging looks, bias, superficiality, ignorance, dominance behavior and much more characterize the majority population and are therefore not uncommon.

The motivation to question why and why something is so often does not materialize. We live in an illusory world. Nowadays, social platforms are the place to show participation and concern.

Unfortunately, the goal here is usually only your own advantage. The fact is that people who bring help are often just the means to an end when it comes to getting new followers or wanting attention.

Artwork Size & Ink Base: 43x30
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