Seven Stags Appearing

Seven Stags Appearing is a very large oil painting of seven ethereal fallow deer stags in a bluebell forest. It is 36x60x1.5 inches on deep edge canvas and is ready to hang. The painting zooms the viewer into a springtime bluebell wood from dark blue edges into a clearing where seven stags are materializing. The stags appear and disappear fast in British woodland as do bluebells. In fact, spring is over way too fast and thus has a fairy tale feeling about it. As a keen walker I am poised every year for the first bluebells and when not actually trawling around in woodland can be found painting my memories of the woodland I have been trawling around in. This particular woodland was inspired by the many pockets of woodland around the Cowden area and the fallow deer I see at the same time (park near the church and head in any direction! TN8 7JE). The stags themselves are a magic number seven and one of them is white. The bluebell flowers are not botanical studies but the colours themselves suggest them as I am fond of things that are not abstract and not too traditional either. This painting says what I wanted to say about the transient nature of spring in an English woodland and the magic that is there if you care to look for it…

Artwork Size & Ink Base: 36x60x1.5 inches
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