"Futura Free"

--/ Futura Free /, ready to be hanged on your wall.

// 68 x 70 cm - 26" x 27" inches
Mixedmedia on panel wood (mdf)

-One-of-a-kind piece.
-Worldwide shipping (Free) or pick-up schedule.

   !! Natural pigments mixture, acrylics, wall enamels, spray paints, oil pastels, graphite drawings, oil, collages.

-Varnished for UV protection

-Interior images made with @insituartroom app.
-Textured veins of paint
-Not framed. (Free frame settings on request) -Poplar, oak, ayus-Multicolor palette available.

-Ink based: Wall water based Enamels

!Short caption: (ITA) Futura free rappresenta la nascita di un nuovo ciclo produttivo. Dopo due lunghi anni di totale immersione nel mondo antico, l'analisi espressiva dei contenuti si rivela ora in un aspetto rivolto verso il futuro in ogni mossa del pennello. La voglia di libertà, non del poter fare ciò che si vuole, ma sapere ciò che si vuol fare. (EN) Futura free represents the birth of a new production cycle. After two long years of total immersion in the ancient world learnings, the expressive analysis of the contents is now revealed in an aspect facing the future in every move of the brush. Desire for freedom is not expressed in the capability to do what you want, but to know what you want to do in every aspect of your life.

-A layered composition of shades and different types of mediums with accents of texture and bold color for a constant chromatic balance.

*Original painting with dated and signed Certificate of Authenticity.
(see image attached)

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Artwork Size & Ink Base: 68 x 70 x 1 cm/ 26" x 27" x 0.7" inches (Mixedmedia on mdf)
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