Leo Cy Louis Wyatt is a painter & a poet. They've exhibitioned large-scale (from 48" x 96" pieces on 5.0mm sanded birch to ⅜- & ½-inch gypsum board to 72" x 108" x 3" works on 10oz. canvas) in Iowa City mudrooms & on Iowa farms, in alleys & motels in Englewood, CO, & in galleries (EDGE GALLERY, NEXT GALLERY, in Lakewood, CO, & THEORII, in Great Galls, MT).

They taught in the Department of Rhetoric at the University of Iowa from 2014 to 2016 while attending the Iowa Writers' Workshop. During the following three years Leo held a post as a visiting faculty in the Rhetoric department, developing innovative digital±analog curricular design & contemporary postsecondary pedagogical practices.

Their poems have been published in the Best American Poetey (2020), the New England Review, the Iowa Review Online, Lana Turner Journal, Prelude Magazine, the Tulane Review, Canada Quarterly, Poetry Is Dead, Horsethief Magazine, & Omniverse. The Dream of Zukofsky was a semifinalist & finalist for Omnidawn's Chapbook competition. Leo is working on building relationships with collectors, galleries, curators, & collaborators, hoping to host a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver) &, ultimately, a show in conversation with Clyfford Still in the Clyfford Still Museum (Denver). They co-founded THE STOUT INDUSTRIALCO., a radical artistic collective & can be found cyberspatially at wyattandco.org.

Instagram Username:: @leocywyatt

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