Laurey Bennett-Levy

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at S.U.N.Y Albany, New York, where I studied painting and graphic design. I have painted throughout the years while working in corporate graphic design and raising a family. On the side, I taught, won awards, became published, participated in fellowships, painted, devoted myself to philanthropy. I am currently devoted to painting full-time.

This series called “MITER” is a union formed between two edges that meet at an intersection. This notion resonates for me literally and figuratively as my work emerged from travel, my personal freedom from depression, letting go and releasing myself from being responsible to others.

It merges my competence as a graphic designer and fine artist as I deconstruct and reconstruct grids using processes such as digital manipulation, monoprinting, photography, painting and collage.

With this series, I rely on city lattice work by rolling black-inked brayers onto city streets to collect their impressions. My downward, aesthetic gaze leads me to repetitive beauty of geometrics underfoot. This sequence of work provokes one to notice an existence of unobserved portals into a subterranean system that has been redefined and manifested through my artist’s eye recognizing the splendor in the beauty of the unnoticed. Eventually, the geometrics become organic as I am constantly reducing them into irregular form. Additionally, in my practice, I am discovering metropolitan areas and their chronicles.

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