Willem Vos

Willem Vos (born 1972) is an entrepreneurial artist from the Netherlands.
Willem was active in international business for many years, but decided to change tack completely and choose freedom. The freedom to create and inspire.

His unique artworks are powerful, they are full of colour and energy.
The bold and colourful artworks all have a deeper meaning, to which one can quickly give their own interpretation.

Life itself has influenced Willem Vos' artistic development.
All the good and bad experiences. The disappointments, the pain, the death of loved ones and the loss that comes with it. The bitter taste of betrayal. Intense friendships, deep conversations, love, sex, feelings of belonging, his fears and letting go. What is happening in the world right now.

The wonders of nature, the love for his children, his dreams and - of course - the feeling of absolute freedom.
All the feelings and emotions Willem held and sometimes experiences more fiercely than ever. Willem no longer runs away from them - but puts them on canvas.

"The overwhelming sense of freedom, his wonderment for nature and his search for his own path, far off the beaten track, characterise his work."

All this contributes not only to Willem Vos' development as an artist, but also as a human being.

Instagram Username:: @willemvos_kunstenaar

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