Victoria Glass

Victoria Glass

I am an Abstract Expressionist, who paints on Plexiglas, using Reverse Imaging My work is bold and colorful, conveying my innermost thoughts through composition and shapes of blurred out images of the world around me. My technique of painting on one side of the Plexiglas and showing the painting on the unpainted side is sometimes challenging, but always innovative and unique. I am an action painter, walking and dancing around my artwork as I lay down bright colors in the blocks of design I have sketched with a glass paint marker. Music always influences my process and sets the mood for the direction that follows this incredible journey.

I use glass stains, alcohol inks and transparent acrylics, always focusing on color and light and the transparency of the PlexigIas.

I live in a small, rural western town in Central Oregon where cowboys, cowgirls and cattle ranches reign. It is a beautiful place, framed by the Cascade Mountains and inspiring in so many ways.

Thank you for visiting my gallery. Reflect on what you see, take the time to really look and maybe find that personal connection. ❣️Victoria

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Victoria Glass