Jesús Fernández Vegue

Passionate about color, fauvism and cubism, my intention is to transmit strong emotions to the observer. No one is indifferent looking at my paintings, which fills me with great satisfaction.

Currently the use of colors is to encourage the observer, the deformation of objects to draw attention to them, a balanced and stable composition that causes calm but leaves no one indifferent.
Each painting starts from scratch and the story can emerge as it develops or be a final consequence of the work.
This happened with Universo, at the end of this painting, the back of the chair became a map of the earth, and the apocalyptic environmentalist vision expressed in that work emerged.

I started painting in 1978, at the same time that I was studying Industrial Technical Engineering. This was entertainment that was interrupted when I started working, so I painted from time to time, always in oil.

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