Urvaaa a.k.a. Urvashi Patel is a self-taught artist. Born and raised in India, She is now based in West Midlands, United Kingdom after getting married.

Urvaaaa primarily works in acrylics and oil paints, mark making tools and mediums.

Her art focuses on the movements and vibes of the moment. She particularly like to capture the vibes of sound and music which triggers movements within us emotional as well as physical. She says her art is like music without lyrics, you don’t need words to feel it.

In her words, “Musician plays symphonies on their instruments, I play Symphony on my Canvas.”

Urvaaa is now available as live art painter for private events, concerts or parties.


In my current work, my main focus is on movements and painting them.

Movements/Motion - I like to involve my whole body movements exploring motion and space.

Colours - Using colour theory, I like to use bold, bright colours. Colours are like words that tells the story.

Texture - I like to create light texture using pencils, scraper tool or anything actually I have in my hands, adding multiple layers of paints and mediums.

Every movements have energy and vibrations. We all make different forms of movements with our body, I am just capturing those moments of movements that forms different marks on my canvas. Moving the body keeps us out of trouble physically and mentally. Slow and fast movements form my paintings. I love complete silence sometimes but there is music in the silence which we can’t hear. Sometimes I like to paint while dancing with a music in background until I become one with music and painting.

I paint things we don’t see but observe. I leave the interpretation open ended and let viewer decide what they observe and feel.

My process involves, mark making using oil pastels, pencils or any mark making tools, adding colours balancing the values. Layer after layer creating light textures and raw marks with the rhythm of my movements.

There are rhythms of universe, on which my brush dances along with me on the canvas.


Virtual Solo Show- Floral Kingdom - Feb 2021

Group Exhibition “Feelings”- London 2020

Association of Animal Artists Exhibition- Richmond 2018

Group Exhibition at Weston Park, Granary - Shropshire 2018

Association of Animal Artists' Annual Exhibition- Cheshire 2017

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