Susan Wooler

I create intricate and unique textured paintings using acrylics, I use texture to give the painting depth and tactile quality, the texture stimulates two different senses: sight and touch.

A juxtaposition of soft and delicate with accents of thick texture and bold colour. The colour palette is both modern and neutral with hints of vibrant, colorful tones that balance the paintings out nicely. They capture an ephemeral quality that is fleeting and beautiful, like seizing a moment or dream.

Thank you for viewing my art, I'm from the UK originally brought up on a Council Estate, went to a Comp School in Manchester and now living in a beautiful Welsh seaside village with my family.

Coming from a working-class family, I was instilled with a strong work ethic from a young age. My mom was a Dinner Lady and Dad worked in a Factory, both my parents always worked hard to provide for me and my sisters.

Although we didn’t have much, we were happy and cared for; what we lacked in material items we were given a much greater gift - love and encouragement. I live by the values my parents passed down, care, be compassionate and be grateful.

I feel honoured and grateful that hundreds of my paintings are in collectors' homes all over the world.

Instagram Username:: @susanwoolerart

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