Siegmar Ahlvers

Creativity wins – this is my slogan!

My name is Siegmar Ahlvers, born in 1957 and living in Hanover, Germany. After having finished my professional career as engineer in the end of 2021 I focus 100% on my passion as an artist.
In the mid ninetees of the last century I have started painting with water colors, wax crayon, charcoal and from 2014 i have used mainly acrillic colors.
I prefer abstract paintings. All my paintings receive titles to describe what I want to express with my artworks. Mainly I’m inspired by the earth itself, the topology, aerial view, landscapes, phenomenons, seasons, nature…
Often I’m using square formats because this is the ideal form to set the focus on the center or the whole picture. I prefer more or less some kind of „positive art“.
I want to reach the viewers attention with my pictures.
My own experience with several of my works is that I couldn‘t look away because the secret of the picture wants to be checked out.
Last but not least since 2000 I had several small exhibitions of my paintings in and around Hanover. However now it’s time to go worldwide with PLOGIX!

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