Sarah Peguero

Sarah Peguero

As an artist, I share a little piece of my heart in every painting I create. I rarely know beforehand how the new artwork will shape and

develop. Nothing is given or decided; the blank canvas

itself provokes inspiration. I create my paintings across multiple genres and with a constant desire to try new techniques and approaches.

I work with a wide palette of (materials/tools)such as oil- and acrylic paint, tusch, cole and crayons on canvas.

I do have a weakness for Gold color and use it in

different materials and structures. It is almost becoming a

trademark in my paintings.

When I paint, I am free. My art is fueled by impulse and creativity more than predetermined ideas or genres. I do not consider my paintings complete until the motive, all colors and elements come together as a unity and no single piece bothers my eye.
The hours I spend in front of the easel are pure contemplation, happiness and balm for my soul. When I paint, the World outside my studio could end, and I would not notice.
I was born and raised in the Caribbean. Moved later to Paris, France to study and have a university degree in Interior Decorating and Fashion Illustration.
I have exhibited my paintings in numerous galleries, art shows and -associations in Denmark where I now live.

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Sarah Peguero