Priscila Schott

Before turning to my art as a career, I founded a company in the consumer technology industry, which I worked in for 15 years. I only truly began my artistic career after leaving Sao Paulo, Brazil to live in the Bahamas, then New York, and then Miami. My pieces are made from a wide variety of substances, often using unconventional materials such as the traditional stretched canvas, glass, acrylic, aluminum, recycled material, oil and acrylic paint, collage, gesso, plaster and other natural elements. My inspiration comes from my own experiences, countless travels, museum visits, nature treks, and reflections on current events and personal life. There is no limit to my creative process. I use different elements, materials, colors and techniques. My work invites us all to a pleasant journey involving our eyes, mind and heart. Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are the artists who have had the biggest influence on my work. My art is exhibited in galleries around Miami, New York, and São Paulo.

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