Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson is an American artist who has been passionate about drawing and painting since childhood. For many years he sold his detailed wildlife work in galleries and shows in Hawaii, California and other states. But since 2010 he decided to paint everything he loves; be it it abstract, semi-abstract or very realistic.

So since then he has mostly marketed through International and National online galleries and through Social Media. For him variety is the spice of life, so he does not limit himself to a particular style or medium. Indeed, his style and tools used depends on the subject, the series or the creative experiments.

"I believe in being free to create wonderful, beautiful and colorful paintings that represent the love and freedom we all want. Color, light and warm against cool are the focus of many of my paintings whether abstract or realistic. I am always trying to learn more and try more, to never settle for mediocracy".

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I can't wait to get this beautiful painting.

Thank you.

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Paul Henderson