Päivi Häkkinen

Päivi Häkkinen

Päivi Häkkinen was born year 1975 in the seaside town of Kotka, Finland. As
a child, she would often draw paper dolls. Later, It was obvious that she became a student
of art. Eventually she graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki year 2002 from
the department of sculpture and started to make “real dolls”.

Häkkinen lives and works in Helsinki. She is best known as a sculptor. Her big, human-like
characters are somehow familiar from everyone's life but there's always something strange going on. The Installations form a drama scene of these wicked characters. It's all about life and death. And the black humour.

She has travelled with these "human dolls" all around Finland, but also Sweden, Germany,
Spain and Portugal. Häkkinen has done numerous solo exhibitions and taken
part in diverse collaborations in various places. Besides fancy galleries, Häkkinen's
art has been featured in public places like shopping malls, coffee houses and bars.

Some time ago, after major life change and crisis, Häkkinen started drawing and
painting again. She works ambitiously and intensively - sometimes like a maniac.
Hundreds of drawings has been made during nightly sessions that often last until
the next morning. During lockdown she's been able to take part of delightfully many
exhibitions. Last summer she also studied ceramics as a new medium.

Her next solo show is at Galleri 21 Malmö, Sweden spring 2022. At the
moment she is luckily funded by Kone Foundation for next three years.




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Päivi Häkkinen