Pablo Benlliure

•Pablo Benlliure was born on January 30, 1989 in the Federal District and has been interested in visual and plastic arts since he was little.

•His artwork is inspired by "African Primitive" art and Pre-Hispanic cultures, using the distortion of form and matter as a theme, thus working with recycled materials, abstract shapes and children's figures, predominating in color and synthesis that plays an important role in the perception that is created in each person.

•His work transmits various feelings, emotions, memories and very personal experiences that are perceived when delving into the artist's work.

•The main techniques and materials used by the artist are painting, sculpture, photography, engraving and digital art. Most of the time using recycled materials, such as cardboard, plastic, sand, metal and wood to create unique pieces with a sense of reuse and not waste. In this concept, he implements the idea of ​​taking something that for other people is garbage and transforming it into art.

•Art is the reflection of the change in culture, because it shows the human transformations; in art it is about expressing what one feels, doing what we are born to do, even if it means breaking some rules. Pablo Benlliure.

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