Olivia Alynn

As a child, my everlasting dream to become a world renown Artist started. I have dedicated my whole life to painting. Being born and raised in southern California & attending VVC to study Fine Arts progressed me from an abstract acrylic painter to learning skills of expressionism. My mother was a wonderful influence. She helped to built up my creative strengths. Compelled to learn more, I Moved across the country which starting my experience with oil paint. Solely learning how to work with oils and producing a plethora of portraits over the last 11 years. My passion was to bring my paintings to life. I continued my education at Milan Art Institute. I love to paint women of ethereal beauty surrounding them with anything possible in a dream, mirroring my spirit and the hearts around me. My essence has always had a very strong connection to beauty. I have a photographic memory; I want to show the world that anything is possible and that love exists beneith the ocean and above space and time. I hope to touch the hearts of the hopeless, while expanding the minds of the lost. Mainly, to change the perspective of the world.

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