Engaging in human encounters to form the subject of character and thereby coming together.

Realizing through beauty and acceptance, all characters of this world shall grow.

People in a free world can only live peacefully together, if there is a high level of tolerance towards other forms of life and respect towards the individuality of the other.
Solidarity is essential to live free from hate and prejudice.
This form of encounter shall initiate a process to form a stronger individual and a stronger society.

Yet how can we encourage ourselves to attain more freedom and peace?

The key is to break boundaries to create closeness. Accents for more openness and freedom should be the momentum to ponder inner and outer boundaries and values and to question said. Emphasize one’s own courage to get out of one’s comfort zone. For only in this way can we strengthen ourselves to grow into a wonderful character.

The appreciation of life is to be imparted. It’s the connection to the world and the people that becomes appreciable. We can love life more when we see the beauty of otherness in our fellow human beings. People who live by this are an enrichment for ourselves and for our community. As a whole, we benefit from the diversity of characters.

Nicole Blattmann, born 1985 in Switzerland, is a digital artist from the Swiss canton of Appenzell. The artist has already won an award-winning illustration competition with her portraits.

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