Mostaque’s artwork is about the desire of telling stories by transforming nature into artworks that offer pleasure and solace. He loves synchronising a sagacity of perception within the shapes, layers, colours and themes looking at how they can correlate one another. His works have a certain simplicity regardless of his detailed observation that derives to some extent from an indulgence about composition, and colour philosophy. Nevertheless, his foremost emphasis remains on colour interactions, pattern qualities, balance of lights and visual equilibrium. One could call him a story-teller.

He works manually (not digitally) across a range of mediums, using pens, graphic markers, mixed-media (e.g., alcohol-based ink) on paper, glass and canvas. He creates multi-layered two-dimensional images inspired by close-up views blended with natural patterns of different motifs that are evocative of nature and meticulously uses colours that represent his emotions.

Mostaque is a self-taught artist, who always had an interest and a love for visual arts. Thirty years back he wanted to be an artist. It didn't happen. The story could have ended there. Besides drawing, he used to do pattern art using motifs from nature, mostly butterflies, birds and fish. He also had an interest in photography and went ahead with it. It became easier to put a thought in his work through photography. He also participated in several group photography exhibitions and competitions in Sydney, winning an award. Anyway, time flew, and he has established himself in the corporate world. He wanted to draw again and thought about it several times over the past years. However, most probably, that time wasn't appropriate to pursue his dream. Finally, he felt a strong desire for creating art and started in February 2021 after almost three decades.

There was a time when photography seemed to be the path to express his love of art. Then, he started combining his thoughts on pattern art by applying photography techniques like creating depth of fields, perspective, dimension, distance, close-up views, blurred vision and many more. He is consistently forming chemistry between photography and artwork to disclose the untold dreams that continuously float like bubbles in his subconscious mind. Besides, he developed an acute interest in stained-glass in his childhood that provoked him in crafting synthesis between pattern art, photography and stained-glass effects.

Some of his earliest and fondest memories as a child are of him walking around the garden where his father passionately tended various plants, especially flowers. He started observing characters and shapes of the flowers and leaves along with the other elements of nature like butterflies and birds paying regular visits to the garden. The flora and fauna bring a unique range of influences to his artwork.

Mostaque conceptualises, and designs the patterns in his artworks with an inimitable and distinct flavour. Most of his inspiration comes from walking around his garden, having close-up views of the fine details of the elements of nature. The overlapping branches of different plants, the rays of sunshine that pass through the leaves, the shadows that create enchanting doubts, the exotic butterflies or the busy honey-eaters, and the raindrops that magnify the inner details; his artwork incorporates everything and creates his own colourful, unique yet a stylised trend.

He is very passionate in experimenting with new styles and themes motivated by exploration and discovery. He applies incremental changes to his ongoing design process and is always striving to add new essence to it in the realm of ornamentation.

Mostaque was born in 1972, a post-graduate (Mass Communications and Journalism) of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. By profession, he is a Management Consultant, living in Sydney, Australia since 2004. And he continues to evolve as an artist with a robust urge to discover the underlying astuteness to express untold acuities.

Exhibitions, workshops, and excursions:
He participated in several group art and photography exhibitions, workshops and competitions, winning an award.

Most recent exhibitions:

  1. Participated in an art exhibition organised by The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK ( – February 27 to March 05, 2022
    The gallery presents ‘ARTFUSION’ a virtual art exhibition, featuring five of my artworks alongside other artists from around the globe.
    Link of the website for exhibition:

  2. Participated in an art exhibition organised by The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK ( – January 25 to 31, 2022
    The gallery presents ‘CLASH’ a virtual art exhibition and featuring five of my artworks alongside other artists from around the globe.
    Link of the website for exhibition:
    Catalogue :

  3. Participated in an art exhibition – November 19 to 30, 2022
    Two of my recent artworks were selected for the exhibition organised by Belconnen Art Centre, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
    Exhibition theme: PLACE unframed
    Link of the website for exhibition:
    (Artists have been invited from throughout Australia to investigate their concept of ‘place’; a position, a location, a destination, a point in time or where you sit within the world. Artists were asked to embrace their imagination with a sense of play, boldness, experimentation, thoughtfulness or contemplation.)

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