(B. 17 Feb 1987) originally raised in a small town of Palisades Park, New Jersey, now residing in the North Texas area, my family immigrated from a small town of Toro, Colombia to the US to bring a better life and help create endless opportunities for me and my brothers; this I cherish and hold up high with pride and emulate within every work of art I create. The struggle due lack of guidance that an immigrant family experiences to succeed in a foreign environment but at the same time the perseverance and love they bring to their communities and the world are keys to my success and sharing my art to the world.

My art emulates feeling of anxiety, attention dissipation, and love which connect with the consumer to evoke emotions of their own which makes it difficult not to enjoy what they are looking at. Strong colors, contrast and studies with visual representation of everyday imagery to induce curiosity and reflection. My main goal for my art is to share love throughout the word and set reminders to all to always love yourself, with self supporting statements (not requests) such "LOVE ME" and "AMAME".

Works have been part of shows in the New York and North Texas areas, with collectors throughout the US, Hong Kong and the UK.

More works available on IG: @BLAKORNG

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