Michelle Levy

Michelle Levy

Michelle is a British-Israeli graphic artist, turned fine artist, who lives in the Israeli city of Raanana. The most striking thing about Michelle is her passion for life, positive outlook and love for colour. Michelle’s artworks are an extension of herself - bursting with fun, optimism and happiness. Michelle loves nothing better than travelling throughout her country absorbing the sights, sounds and colours and translating them onto canvas in her unique style.

Raised in a passionately creative family, Michelle - the daughter of renowned Royal Portrait photographer, Charles Green - was encouraged to pursue her creative passions from an early age. Inspired by painting alongside Lelia Pissaro, she continued her creative path throughout her academic years, studying visual arts at Middlesex University, London. Michelle launched a successful graphic design agency, producing original designs for a diverse range of clients for over 25 years. Michelle's design philosophy uses clear bold images and an uncluttered page - something she translates beautifully into her artworks.

With a very strong Jewish identity and being inspired by her background in visual communication design, photography, printmaking, typography, colour and composition, Michelle aims to embody all her passions into these pieces of Judaic and Israel themed artworks.

Michelle’s original artworks and glass prints adorn the walls of private homes in Israel and around the world. While still in its early stage, her reputation is growing and Michelle is attracting interest from galleries around the world.

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Michelle Levy