Marie-Laure Romanet

Marie-Laure  Romanet

I'am a french abstract expressionist artist , self taught,  mainly influenced by Pollock but I have my own artistic identity and move fluidly into my own creative future. I use drip and splash technic and also i can mix with collage.

I love the whole body engagement involved with this style of painting,  it being so full of energy. I create with passion, I paint what I am, what I feel, my work is an expression of an inner journey. I paint my life, through my feelings, my emotions, allowing my unconscious to wheal up and play out into the canvas, without restrictions and censure. Increasingly painting on large canvases, I love to explore the open space and freedom of expression this allows. My influence is also in the music, music is part of my life and you can see the melody in my paintings. I'm very creative and love to feel that all is connected within the universe, it feel to me , that my creativity is guided outside of me, as if by an ''invisible hand''

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Marie-Laure  Romanet