Follow the Hart

Follow the Hart is a 36x30 inches oil on canvas of a vibrantly coloured, semi-abstract woodland path painting. The edges of the painting are blurred and the flow of the shapes of trees and leaves lead the eye into towards the centre of the path and the light beyond it where you can just about see a white deer stag waiting in the light (the hart). I wanted to give it the feeling of hope and renewal which is why the colours hint at a springtime with bluebell colours and pink woodland flowers under the trees. Layers have been added to it that change the colours and give the painting different facets as you see it from different angles. The location itself was inspired by springtime time walks in the Ashdown Forest area where you often spot deer and where the landscape itself is ancient. There are literally hundreds of tell-tale signs left on the landscape by ancient cultures including Roman and medieval ones. I think this knowledge influenced how the painting evolved and I am happy that it captures the feeling of hope (for me anyway). Painted on deep edge canvas, edges white, ready to hang, no frame needed.

Artwork Size & Ink Base: 36x30 inches
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