Slow Burn

This is a unique large modern PMS abstract acrylic painting that will make a statement in your home or office. This piece has a mature, modern design aesthetic. This piece is fierce and full of energy, beauty and fire. The colors streak and overlap, while also being contrasted by subtle and bold color shifts. The accents of black, bright yellow, white, red and deep blue is both modern and striking. It is a passionate piece that will be a statement painting in your space. Fragments of surface color and movement peak through the top layers of paint as bold colors streak and slice across the surface, creating a unique painterly design piece. It is truly a large abstract modern painting like no other that will enhance your space.

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping to the USA will come as is, on the stretcher bars and ready to hang. Internationally, this piece will come shipped in a tube to save the collector close to $1000.00 in shipping costs. It will then be up to the collector to have the painting re-stretched, or framed upon arrival. I can include the original stretcher bars with the shipment to make it even easier to re-stretch. Internationally, if you would like to have the piece shipped and ready to hang (on the stretcher bars), contact me prior to purchasing for new shipping costs.

Note: This painting is painted on artist-stretched, 1.5" deep, large gallery wrap canvas and comes hang ready with the sides painted red and yellow, as an extension of the surface painting.

This painting is signed on the front and includes my Certificate of Authenticity.

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Artwork Size & Ink Base: 36 x 42 inches, Acrylic on Canvas
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