Leonida Arte

"Leonida creates excellent expressive works full of energy of the strokes. Look at this work of art. Do you feel this incredible charisma, this energy, this expression? Abstract with a touch of expressionism and impressionism. This is art of Leonida." Heinz Playner, Curator and director of PAKS Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Leonida Arte exhibited at Art Fair, Carousel du Louvre, Paris, France 2019; PAKS Gallery in 3 galleries: PAKS Gallery in Vienna, Austria , PAKS Gallery in castle Hubertendorf, Austria and PAKS Gallery in Munich in Germany in 2021...
Leonida Arte received an annual certificates of participation in the selection of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2018, Luxembourg Art Prize 2020, and Luxembourg Art Prize 2021.
-Course Certificate by MoMA Museum New York "Modern Art & Ideas" by MoMA and Instructor Lisa Mazzola (Assistant Director, School and Teacher Programs at The Museum of Modern Art) 2020;
-Course Certificate by MoMA Museum New York from Course "Seeing Through Photographs",by MoMA and Instructor Sarah Meister (Curator at The Museum of Modern Art Department of Photography) 2020;
-College of Fine and Applied Arts, Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Serbia (Bachelor's Degree); Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade,Belgrade, Serbia (Master's Degree).
Paintings are presented on YouTube and Instagram.

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