Art By Kathy Lee

Art By Kathy Lee

Born in the UK, Kathy Lee has had a lifelong passion for arts and crafts, initially in textiles.

She emigrated to Australia in 1986, where she discovered ceramics and her work was exhibited and sold at the Sydney Art and Crafts Show, as well as in Sydney stores. Injury forced a successful change to resin art before Kathy discovered and fell in love with watercolour.

She has completed many courses in her passion for Watercolour and her search for knowledge.
Her art evolved from loose flowing to more detailed work and includes animals of all types, pet portraits, commissions, alcohol ink, and charcoal -a result of loving to try something new.

She has a passion for colour and design, and has created a wide ranging, eclectic gallery, with something to appeal to everyone.

A keen bushwalker and kayaker, she draws inspiration from Australian flora and fauna, wildlife around the world, and interesting landscapes.

Colour is a source of joy and motivation to her, as well as inspiring children to explore their creativity – as with her 4 year old granddaughter, .

Her paintings have been accepted into art shows, competitions and awards, including The Australian Watercolour Muster 2021, Kinglake Art Show and more. Selected for the 6th International Salon of Painting at the Menduina Schneider Art Gallery in Los Angeles, she was the only Australian representative.

She has also been a featured guest artist and interviewee on art websites.

Her own website launched in 2020 and her work can be seen in Australian and overseas homes, as well as educational establishments in Australia

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Art By Kathy Lee