Katharina Brosch

Katharina Brosch

Katharina Brosch

Instagram-Account: catherinethegreat_89
Website: CatherinetheGreat

Born on the 3rd of February 1989 in Bochum (Germany)
Living in Muggensturm (near Karlsruhe)

Advanced/specialized course in art (3 years 2007-2009), including analytical knowledge, historical backround (Middle Ages until today), architecture in the 20th century;
Practical part: Pop-Art, impressionism, neoimpressionism, realism, collages; with the general qualification for university intrance

2010-2019 Academic studies Political Science M.A.

Pop-Art as NFTs
To find a relationship between practical art and online art. Until now my pictures based on acrylic Pop-Art pictures. From each picture are more than one Pop-Art NFTs developed (normally 6). In addition one of the first NFT art is the pixel art. Therefore, I alter some of these Pop-Art NFTs to pixel Pop-Art NFTs which includes GIFs (based on 20-30 NFTs).

Group exhibition
2008 - San Marco and Punta Sabbioni (two pencil drawings) in Essener Jugendkunst Ausstellung 9. (Essen's Youth Art Exhibition 9th) in Zeche Zollverein in Essen

2009 - 12 Pop-Art pictures (acrylic 40*50 cm each) as a collage

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Katharina Brosch