Karen Glykys

Karen Glykys


“Through my life experiences I am drawn to create work that explores Sexuality,
Urban living and The City scene.

“I'm an interloper in this manifestation; waiting to see where the journey takes me”.

I am a self taught, mixed media artist, and an 'outsider'.

I started producing art and exhibiting professionally in 2017.

Taking a brief hiatus in 2019 to recover from a brain hemorrhage.

My influences and reference points are vast and complex.

Starting life from an early age in the performing arts; of Film and Television, a baptism of creativity.

Being untrained affords me the luxury of stepping outside of established parameters.

I am adventurous and experimental, both on canvas and behind the lens

I create Pop Art, Abstract Acrylics, and PhoneArt.

I consider myself amongst the pioneers of British Smartphone Photographic PhoneArtists.

I have been immersing myself in this particular medium for over 4 years.

Under strict control parameters I am pushing the boundaries of Smartphones and free android apps.

Whilst exploring the possibilities of the digital medium as a permanent extension to ourselves, through which the creative process is immediately accessible to everyone.

I am fascinated by the way Digital Media pervades almost every aspect of our lives.

We have become 'Avatars' and ‘Parodies’.

Social Media becoming an extension of our personalities. dictating how we look, behave, perceive ourselves and society as a whole.

I reflect this is in some of my PhoneArt self portraits.

The resultant body of my work in this field now sits under my banner - #TinyEyeProject.

I am very proud that an image from TinyEyeProject has been chosen for this years:
Turner Contemporary Open 2021 exhibition.

Celebrating ten years of The Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, Kent.

You can find my work on:
Instagram - @karenglykys
TikTok - @Theartistkareng

And also under the the following hashtags :





FROM Outsider Art Magazine
Issue 5
December 2020

Guest Artist Blog:
“Karen Glykys - An accidental artist”


Guest Artist:
Explore and Draw online.
FaceBook / YouTube
June 2020

The Contemporary Arts Club :
(Honorable mention)
June 2020


The Turner Contemporary Open 2021
Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate, Kent.
October 22 21 - February 20 22

The Boomer Gallery
Tower Bridge, London.
October 8th - October 14th 2021

The Halpern Gallery
HFC Summer Exhibition
The Halpern Gallery, Chatham, Kent, UK
July / August 2021

The Visual Arts Organisation :
Online International Exhibition
July / August 2021

A Tale of a Few Cities
An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics
YouTube - #AajhpreviewsAugust21
August 2021 onwards.

To Begin at the Beginning
The Peter Pears Gallery. Aldeburgh. Suffolk. UK
September 2020.

Art in Lockdown
The Rochester Art Gallery. Rochester. Kent. UK.
August - September 2020

2020 Summer Exhibition at The Halpern
The Halpern Gallery, Chatham. Kent. UK
July - August 2020

The Magma Charter : The Un-ceiling
International Womens Day Exhibition
Faversham Town Hall. Kent. UK
March 2019

The Waterfront Weekend
St Andrews Arts Centre, Gravesend. Kent
July 2018

SKY at The Halpern
The Halpern Gallery, Chatham, Kent. UK
May 2018

The Mud Collective
ART - in aid of Cancer Research
The Fliipping Frog, Rochester. Kent .UK
January 2018

An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics
Rochester Library. Rochester. Kent. UK
October 2017

The Mud Art Collective
The Blake Gallery. Woodville Halls, Gravesend. Kent UK
August 2017

Contact details :
Email: theartistkareng@gmail.com

@karenglykys (Instagram / DM)
@Theartistkareng (TikTok / DM)

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Karen Glykys