I just see.
I just shoot.
I just work and show.

I work as my subconscious guides me.
I just believe in my unconscious.
I am a photoartist.
I named this series 'Recombinant Color'.
All things have their own shape.
I take apart and reassemble as color.
In this way, ordinary or insignificant things are reborn in a new form.
To me, everything is very special.​​

I majored in design and worked as a designer.
I have experienced a lot of things like graphic design, game characters, web design, app design, interiors, etc.

2019 Mads Milano in Italia (Pop Award)
2020 Mads Milano in Italia (Shine Landscape)
2020 Espace Thorigny, Galerie Art&Miss, Galerie au Médicis in France (Focus art fair).​​

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