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Music is the driving force and inspiration for my artwork. Whatever song motivates me at the moment will be splashed onto the canvas with a paint brush. Occasionally, I stand in front of a white canvas without knowing what the outcome will be. The whole experience will be a discovery. Not knowing exactly where the feel of the paint will take me, I just let go of myself to express my subconscious feelings and thoughts. My work can be labeled as figurative and abstract. Most of my paintings are created on canvas and occasionally on sketch paper using acrylic paint. My ambition is to evoke passionate emotions for my art collectors, while they connect with my melodic pieces. I want my paintings to shake the viewer, to move them. I want them to feel the emotion from the song through the artwork. I want the consumer to find the piece that best speaks to them. My passion for music and art will never die, as I will continue to create 'Music Through the Ages' until I depart from this human experience.


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