Joe Xie

Joe Xie

Joe Xie originally hails from an island in the Pacific, Taiwan. In 2021, she was invited to display her works of art, to collaborate with a renowned art exhibition in Milan, Italy. Thus, it begins her first professional involvement in the world of creative arts.

She obtains inspiration from nature and her surroundings that fuel her creativity in her artworks.

"Art is like a song or a poem, it is an expression of the heart, a chance of strenght in times of weakness." Her art screams of boldness and risks to express her journey in the art world.

Her artworks focus on impressionism, abstract painting, concrete and with the occasional chinese paintings.

Painting media of her choice are acrylic, oil pastel, soft pastel and gouache.

Joe Xie welcomes you to the gallery with an open arms, to experience her world through her masterpiece.

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Joe Xie