Joana Mendiola

I am a self taught painter who loves to explore the creative possibilities abstract and cubist art offers.
Born in Lima, Perú in 1997. As a child, one of the things I enjoyed the most was drawing doodles in my school notebooks. I studied Communications in the University of Lima and specialized in graphic design. Years passed and my style developed into what now looks like a mix of cubist and abstract art.

I get most of my inspiration from music and the emotions that arise when I listen to lyrics and melodies. If I had to choose 3 of my favorite painters of all time, they would be Picasso, Kandinsky and Klimt. My work explores the relationship between people and music. Music takes us to an inexplicable dimension and makes us experience very special and varied emotions. Music and emotions are abstract concepts that don’t have a unique way of representation, this gives me the freedom to explore and use color and forms to express myself. What I love about Cubist art is that it lets me represent people from several different points. Humans are complex and we are more than just one viewpoint.

In 2020 I designed and developed my website and also started selling art prints in Kuelga and The Deco Brands. In 2021 I started selling my original pieces through Styla Perú and Saatchi Art. Since I started (almost one year ago) I’ve been able to make more than 50 customized paintings for clients in Perú. Now I am living in Melbourne, Australia. I sell some of my art prints and originals online and also at Incube8r Store in Melbourne Central.

Instagram Username:: artbyjoanamendiola

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