Ian Hardcastle

Ian hardcastle is a self taught abstract artist. He got into art after making homemade surfboards and wanting to put his own stamp on them. He studied the old masters for a number of years doing portraits and then dived in to abstract. Gerhard richters paint dragging with squeege’s came natural to him (due to being a window cleaner for 18 years). Making and viewing art is a perfect escapism from the everyday political and domestic stresses. I’m constantly thinking of and experimenting with new techniques. I’m currently working on a series of paintings called No time is insignificant. In the series I’m experimenting with painting with boxing gloves hitting the canvas with wild marks finishing with pallet knifes. The series is based on my love for boxing in my youth and my love for painting in middle age. Hence things that we experience in our past are not insignificant everything is relevant in time.

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