Djénina Hagenburger

Djénina Hagenburger

I was born in Paris, France, in 1974.
5 years ago, I decided to leave my home town to settle in the countryside and thus enjoy a larger space for creation.

Previously, I had been a Flamenco dancer, joining the dance company "Andanzas" from Raquel Gomez.
Like the singer Lole, accompanied by Manuel and his guitar, sung it so well : "Todo es de color"...And the transition to my second life was on.

Since 15 years, as a self-taught artist, I have been deeply involved, with passion, in the practice of painting.

My painting is the mirror of a kind of intrigue, deeply rooted in me : the space.

The space to be built and even more to be optimized to bring out, by associating colors, shapes and meanings, the punk poetry that dwells in me.

I realize today that what fascinated me in the art of Flamenco is the unusual mix between strength and grace, east and west, ancestral and firmly anchored in the present moment, beautiful and's still leading me in my artistic approach.

Both disciplines telling the same : "I am here, I exist and this is what I propose".

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Djénina Hagenburger