Gyuri Heart

Welcome to my universe!

I am a french artist who´s creating my work through imagination. The inspiration appears as an image that I need to recreate by painting or drawing. I've always had another world in my head that I needed to express by showing the flow of emotion that sometimes overwhelms us.
Most of the time to make my painting, I use myself as a model or a picture from the internet. My favorite material is acrylic and watercolor on wooden board, paper, or canvas.

Women are at the center of my work. In the majority of my paintings, there is a moon, the symbol of femininity. And it represents protection, guidance, and love. I am someone who's moving with the moon's flow. It, therefore, seems natural to me to share it in my work.

When peoples watch my paintings, they usually always see something I didn't know I expressed. The most interesting thing is that each person likes a different picture. As if I had unconsciously made it for them. I greatly appreciate that everyone can like a different work. This means that one painting can bring out different emotions in everyone. It is essential for me that they feel unique and involved in my work. I want it to awaken something special in them.

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