Gorica Kiesshauer

Born in Serbia in 1971, in normal professional life an analyst, big sports and animal lover, and have been living in Munich for 47 years. Digital art and photography have always interested me. However, not long ago, by sheer accident, I discovered my love for abstract acrylic painting and noticed how much pent up creativity is in me. As an autodidact, I taught myself abstract painting and acrylic pouring. In fact, creativity, an irrepressible curiosity and imagination reflect most of my personality. Art is the "missing piece of the puzzle" in my life. My life motto is: It's never too late for a new love and passion - no matter if for someone, for something, for yourself or for ART. Art finds YOU! What fascinates me most about art and painting – Art is limitless! Nothing is impossible.

Group Exhibitions
2022 Artnumber 23 - Salzburg, Austria
2022 Swiss Art Expo - ArtFair Zürich, Swiss
2022 Vangogh Art Gallery – art3f Monaco Contemporary ArtFair, France
2022 Galerie Makowski – Tegernsee, Germany
2022 Grace Denker Gallery / Art.Craft.Living - Hamburg, Germany
2022 ARTBOX.PROJECT / Urbanside Gallery - Zürich, Swiss
2022 Artnumber 23 - Athen, Greece
2022 Galeria Azur Madrid - Madrid, Spain
2022 Galeria Azur Berlin – Berlin, Germany
2021 Capital Culture House - Madrid, Spain
2021 M.A.D.S. Art Gallery - Fuerteventura, Spain

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