Frida Pini

Frida Pini started painting in 2018 with oil colors, many people encouraged her to paint more. In 12/2019 she started to paint digital. After several foot surgeries, she was tied to bed. During this long period she got a great passion for digital painting.

Frida Pini loves to paint portraits with a surreal touch. She captures moments or feelings. Frida uses strong colors and prefers to portrait women.

Virtual Exhibition "Pandemonium"
01. Jan - 08. Jan 2021
E.A.P. Emerging Artist Platform

Virtual Group Exhibition „New Era"
03. Feb - 24. Feb 2021
Artnumber 23
Art Number 23 is a London-based organisation
with two physical Gallery spaces in London and Athens.

Virtual Group Exhibition "Re:invert - inner state"
themed around reinvention, change, renovation and revival.
20. Jan - 20. Feb 2021
118 Art Gallery
Online Art Gallery Ocala, Fl. USA

Virtual Exhibition "In Sync"
Art combined with music
22. Feb - 05. Mar 2021
E.A.P. Emerging Artist Platform

Frida Pini „Surreality of Life“
Solo Exhibition
03.09. - 20.09.21
„Made in Wedding“ Gallery
Koloniestr. 120, 13359 Berlin

Digital Exhibition 24hrs on Monitors
17.02.22 - 17.06.22
Tim Guse TM Gallery
555295 Brilon

Instagram Username:: @fridapini_art

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