Franco Baldazzi

Franco Baldazzi was born in Florence in 1969. Today he lives in the province Di Sondrio city in which he leads an intense artistic and exhibition activity. After finishing school, he abandoned his painting practice for a few years. From a very young age, he in fact accompanies his passion for art with a parallel working life, which often involves significant setbacks in his creative path. Periods of fervid production, alternating with profound moments of reflection, outline the stages of a pictorial making that absorbs and intertwines the Tuscan's emotional life. Constantly open to new forms of inspiration, he attended the studio of the painter Mari Carmen Mur , thanks to whom he opened up to an increasingly personal style, not ascribable to schools or movements. The birth of his three children and the discovery of a new role lead Baldazzi to reapproach painting with a new spirit. The resumption is somewhat difficult to such an extent that it influences the birth of a "black period," as he puts it, during which he refines his technique by opening up to a "dark'' style. It was a brief interlude, which nevertheless gave birth to agitated paintings, confused and swirling compositions, expressions of malaise and restlessness. A creative and multifaceted artist, he expresses himself with strong and contrasting hues, resorting to phosphorescent enamels and acrylics. His particular creative vein drives him to use heterogeneous everyday tools as pictorial supports: plywood, fabrics, polymers, plaster. His latest creations have for subject human figuration and landscapes played on antinaturalistic chromatics and essential representations. Concealed behind this group of works is a quest toward knowledge of the mystery of life and ultimately the most intangible and mysterious strings of the human soul. THE brush responds to the language of the soul alone, translating into lines and forms with vibrant textures an aesthetic quest in which art becomes a mirror of the spirit. The artist succeeds, through painting, to endow his emotional perceptions with a soul, to make tangible his fears and intimate dreamlike visions. The genesis of the work thus becomes a cathartic process of liberation and purification of one's states of mind. He himself thus defines the entity of his poetics: Once I begin a work my spirit, guided and protected by the universal intelligence whatever it may be, dances with happiness because I am finally on the road to getting rid of lies. What I am not dissolves, what I am comes to light. My life, my history, my art between my fingers. This is how the production of ours is described: an analytical research, schematic and unpredictable at the same time, where color becomes full-bodied and shows itself in bright colors. In search of absolute truths aimed at suggesting further space-time dimensions.

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