Florian Thomas

Hailing from the south of France, Florian Thomas is a multifaceted artist who has been bathed in the Mediterranean sea spray and the special light of the Catalan coast. Born in a family of artists, he is an intuitive self-taught artist. Great traveler, he hits the road for long solitary trips, as evidenced by his last trip in 2019 where he hitchhiked his way from his hometown Perpignan to Mongolia. His driving force is curiosity, Florian likes to explore, discover, feel and grow by experiencing the unknown.

Artist statement :

My art is an intuitive and spontaneous process, letting the subconscious spring forth, resulting most of the time in an abstract expressionism. I seek pure, subjective and unique emotion through the eyes of the viewer. Let everyone see their own reflection, their own interpretation and emotion. I don't have my own unique style, but rather an exaltation in perpetual research and evolution, like different branches of the same tree, intertwining and moving away according to the desires and inspirations."

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