Elzbieta Sieber

Elzbieta  Sieber

Elzbieta Sieber is a self-taught polish/german artist who lives in Munich. Being influenced by her environment she was more interested in becoming a musician. Growing up in a world of music and dancing gave her a sense of freedom which she believes influences her way of working. The passion for painting has shown while living in Germany. She started with painting faces wanting to show human emotions which people try to hide. One day abstract painting came to it. Her work is very colorful and it might evoke emotions in those who see it. She paints of. her imagination, sometimes using family photographs. She uses acrylics, oil, pigment, ink, stain, collage. Color and layers inspire her. She continually challenges herself with new ideas and new materials. She needs to be experimental and looks for a sense of adventure. She is always curious what happens next while being in process and following her instinct and feelings.

She has exihibited in art-shows in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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Elzbieta  Sieber