I was born in Palma, in Mallorca. At a very young age I was already too restless. I was passionate about working in the circus but it was dance that caught me.

Years later I fulfilled one of my dreams: to go dancing in Paris, where I lived for 9 years and where I was part of the Companie du Crátere contemporary dance company. I ended up in crisis with dance and this makes me return to Mallorca where I return to poetic prose.

After ten years in Mallorca I moved to Buenos Aires where I ventured into the world of acting and clown, which I was intensely passionate about and for nine years I worked as an actress in different groups and theater projects, covering styles and masters, but clown is the genre that opens me up. head.

My eight years in Madrid are compulsory and pass between theater projects and the clown. The idea of ​​going back explodes in full confinement. Along with the loss of my best friend from the time of Paris, plastic artist and dancer and the discovery of portraits that my father made; I find myself painting, day after day without stopping and without explanation

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