Beatrice Pistoja


Already in my earliest childhood memories, painting had a very important place in my life. It is the best outlet for me to express my feelings and at the same time to find peace. Especially in our fast-moving world, where for many it is a question of meeting external expectations. For me, art is the best language that can encourage people to trust their inner voice again and to break new ground and live their full potential.

For me, art means imagination combined with emotions. It is important to me to use strong colors and shapes to remind people of their own inner strength and to focus on freedom and joie de vivre.


Above all, I am inspired by multi-faceted people who don't fit into any category, who face any challenge with courage and never lose their sense of humor. With my colorful, multi-layered works, I would like to invite you to celebrate and live out your own individuality.

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