Angela Julbe Saca Arts

Angela Julbe Saca Arts

February 11,2021

Hi all I am so very grateful to have found arts with art classes near my home. Pouring Acrylic/Resin epoxy art painting is very beautiful and exciting. i have been feeling so confidence in everyday art creations.

I find Modern/Abstract arts very exciting, good for the soul.

as an artist and Collaborating with other artists and Other social media pages. Most of my arts are Modern, Surreal, Foam Art, Impressionistic, and Abstract.

My arts are very personal and felt within my heart as the colors pour and mix within the other colors mixing slowly in such a beautiful mix is the most wonderful peace of mind anyone can ever encounter.

My art piece are handmade paintings, epoxy resin, If you like any commission work I am very glad to do so. Any medium. Also you can watch my arts making on both YouTube and my Instagram channels.

I am born in Brooklyn, New York, where I was a Professional Vascular Specialist in the Medical Field for 43 wonderful years.

The sounds of relaxing inspirational music occupies my mind as I paint. Realizing my new Passion in life.

My painting usually expresses lots of family fun times

Thanks! Peace, Love and Create.

If interested in my Arts creations you can Purchase them here

For more information, I am usually at my Youtube channel Angela Saca, Mixed Media Arts 2021, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and my Medical professional page at Linkedin.

Angela Saca, Artist, RVT, RCS, CMA

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Angela Julbe Saca Arts