Amanda J Aspinall

From my earliest memories, all I did is colour and paint, I was lost in my own magical world of creation and imagination...

Unfortunately, we grow up and enter into a system of control and manipulation, and let's just say I have experienced lots of hero's journeys.

I sold my first painting in 2000 and featured in a few exhibitions. But with juggling family life and other jobs along the way, I couldn't give it my all.

In 2007 we moved to Spain where I had a gallery called “Galeria Flamingo” - a fantastic little gallery in Andalusia. I had so much fun and met some wonderful people. Sadly, this had to come to an end due to my mum being very poorly and me coming back to the UK.

Many years later l hit rock bottom, from losing my mother, to the break up of my 26-year relationship, I couldn’t paint anymore and this put me in the darkest place I’ve ever seen.

My healing was a long journey of struggling with depression, and not knowing the outcome of life and it wasn't until I discovered yoga and meditation that truly turned my life around - I had a calling. A full awakening with no attachment and giving art 100% of my attention. I’m back creating the most wonderful pieces once again. This is where I belong, in my studio here in Lancashire.

So this is me... I'm obsessed with outer space, the sun, the moon, the planets, aliens, who are we and why we are here. The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci says it all for me, a divine connection between the human form and the universe - the golden ratio. We are all made from the same and all connected to each other through pure consciousness or universal mind.

Everything is energy. I express this emotionally, in my abstract expressionism pieces, inspired by my surroundings and quirky interests.

I also have a great fascination with sacred geometry, particularly Metatron's Cube. This you can see within my artwork, whereby I bring a subtle yet sophisticated unique balance of colour, texture and composition.

Thank you to all my art lovers who have bought pieces from me and continue to support me, I'm truly grateful. Much love,

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