Adeline Wagner

Adeline  Wagner

Art and the affinity of various creative media with the help of which one can create free spiritually wonderfully captivating things / works have always cast a spell on me and constantly encouraged me to try new things. With all the flood of colors and their spectrum, it would be a waste not to bring them to advantage in the form of breathtaking works with various methods in harmony with your inner being.

I came into contact with abstract art as such about 10 years ago. Away from norms and rules that inhibit creativity, I have been able to find the style in my works.
Since then I have dedicated myself to abstract / modern art and try to develop myself continuously. Modern art or abstract art also allows viewers and artists a lot of interpretive leeway, which sets no limits to creativity. That is always my intention, my "inner" muse! If you are creative and let your thoughts run free, you are FREE!

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Adeline  Wagner